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Welcome to 1111massage
Book a massage today! Cash and Credit card accepted


Welcome to 1111massage
Book a massage today! Cash and Credit card accepted

New phone number 609-418-4368

New phone number 609-418-4368


We are very excited to announce our new location at 111 Church Rd. Marlton NJ. In the building of Dr. Stefanou Chiropractic Center.

We are working on a sign. Call for an apt.  Walk ins ok but call for availability.

**Also any client of Dr. Stefanou gets 10% off any regular priced service always valid.

10% off in addition to any service and to first time client price. For single parents, fellow massage therapists, nurses, teachers and retired teachers, social workers(Need proof)medical cannabis patients who hold a card, and Cancer patients. Police officers and fire Dept.Specials needs and autistic. Call if have any questions.

Gift Cards buy two Gift cards get. Free 50 min. Swedish Indigo Massage. Buy them for yourself or someone else.

New Couples massages $160.00

for 2 people! Call for apt I have someone can massage just need notice. 

First time client Swedish $49.00 for 50 mins intro and can add on reiki or tune up for ex.

First time client deep tissue $65.00 for 50 mins.

Deep Tissue /Myofasical Release with Heated Bamboo for $80.00 for 80 mins. 

*First time client.  Must be 21 or older to get this massage with CBD oil products. It will melt away your aches and pains. Its great for this time of year. CBD oil infused massage 50 min special for $89.00 great for pain relief and inflammation. I have several products 100-750 mgs. I can add to any essential oil. Even great for PMS and Menopuase. Athletes. Car accidents. I also have CBD cooling gel as alternative. Works better than Biofreeze And natural. I will put detail description on this site. Call have any questions. If have allergies contact make sure its the right massage for you.  

Call I can do sponsorships email me mimib@1111massage.com

Taking donations for Local Cancer Patients/PTSD when you get CBD Oil Massage half my tips will go towards donation. I support Vets as well with PTSD. And Environment organization called Sustainable Developments Inspired Communities. 

Tune up 50 min for $60.00 first time session Special. We have a whole new set of tuning forks now from higher to lower frequencies. To help relax the muscles and ease the pain. So many combinations. It’s also called Harmonic massage. I will use two forks at the same time depending on the issues. Try it be open to possiblities. Sound therapy is amazing.

Ask me about my handmade jewelry coming soon! Also sound Paintings. 

Reiki 90 mins for $80.00 special for Dec.  and Jan.

Call for children apts esp special needs and on the spectrum for Reiki sessions are shorter than the adult. Only if parent is in the room. $40.00 for 25 min session. Call for interview most are done at your house . Most kids want to feel safer in their environment.

Files coming soon.


Prices and Services Currently

Various Events and Office Chair Massage

Call for Rates

11:11 Massage can be booked in advanced for chair massage and reiki onsite, special occasions, grand openings,vendor events, golf courses, hospital events, bank, music festivals, sporting events,nursing homes for employees, dentists, holiday events, backstage venues, movie sets and in offices. Give a 2 day notice depending on availability if you need her last min. chair massages.  The rates vary depending on location, time and for how many people to massage at the set time.  Miriam has great rates. She can offer Swedish Chair Massage, Bamboo Chair Massage, Reiki and Sound Healing with Tuning Forks at your event or office. 

Just call Miriam for details and questions 609-744-0823 or email at mimib@1111massage.com

We are open at 111 Church rd Marlton NJ

About Us

11:11 Massage is very excited to change location. We are unfortanely no longer associated with Float SNJ we be opening at a new location soon. We can come to your location either office,event, backstage, at your house on phone interview for selected clients only. Only serious clients only for at your location.

11:11 Massage owner Miriam Braithwaite is humbled and happy to follow her heart and created 11:11 Massage. It was hard to make big changes. I support all single moms and dads. Just know I am here for you. It was time to meet more people that are open to many new and different styles of massages. Her massages are created as art form not just a normal massage.  Her background of art, music, published recording artist, singer, painter and jewelry designer are all creative sides and massage is another art form.  Miriam’s years of experience  and help from mentors has helped her developed some new techniques that will benefit each guest for long term results. She has massaged all kinds of people from backstage known singers, musicians, on set actors, special needs children, seniors, to athletes esp martial artists and professional UFC fighters. Miriam is not just a massage therapist but a Massage Artist creating experiences to benefit every guest.

She just wanted a place  where she could be herself and help people heal themselves, mind body and soul. She is a Usui Reiki Master and licensed massage therapist for 11 years grad from  massage schooling at NMTI in Turnersville, NJ. She also is a communication grad from FDU in Teaneck  NJ.  

 This is her passion to share her talents in one location.   Her melodic voice will put your mind at ease using her multiple techniques to relax and trenscend her guests during  all the services provided.  Your in great hands no worries!

A Therapist who cares about her guests

In order to provide you with the best experience. Miriam will go into detail at the  intial consultation before the apt. Please give enough information on your intake form in order to make sure that the session you booked is what you need the day of your service. Our mind body and soul change everyday so she will help  match the correct session  or combination that fits you best. Leave all your stress behind and enjoy your session.

Experienced Knowledge

11:11 Massage understands your wants and needs. Lets focus on you and figure out the right session or session combinations so you will have the best experience.  Whatever you want either sleep or tell me your story.  


Learn more about our massages

The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly is Deep Tissue/ Myofascial Release fusion massage. Deep tissue massage reaches deeper layers of muscles. It is used to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body.  The myofascial Release is stretching an sometimes you will assist in a move to help elevate pain or tightness in a target muscle area.

Miriam understands if in the past you had a too deep tissue pressure. Just speak up and let Miriam know about pressure at anytime. She goes as deep as the muscle lets her.  So she can go lighter deep or medium deep pressure.

This massage is beneficial for athletes and those who sit for long periods of tmime and for anyone needed of longer term relief. 

 Myofascial Release session are Hasse  techniques. Helps treat chronic pain in releasing muscular shortness and tightness.

 Myofasical release is used after losing flexibility or function following an injury or if experiencing ongoing back, shoulder, hip, or virtually pain in any area containing soft tissue.  Also trigger point therapy is used as well. 

Indigo Massage

Indigo Massage- a massage created by Miriam  50 min. No add ons except Om Time it’s strictly for sleep session. If you have ansomina or a Mom or dad hasn’t had sleep forever this massage is for you.  The 50 min. Indigo is combination of light Swedish, kneading, scalp, reflexology and light rocking and a fluffy pillow. You can even bring your own if you want to sleep.  Babys love to be rocked to sleep and so will adults. Om Time is great add on to this massage. If you stand or sit all day  the 80 min. Indigo is for you.  You can add any add On to this massage. The  techniques are similar to a cat kneading owner‘s muscles. It’s combination of Swedish massage, kneading and it’s medium- light pressure if you have a right lower back esp. the It Band, legs and feet. A great add on either Tune Up or Sinus , Headache Release or Om Time.

All Reiki sessions, additional Add On Tune Ups and Reflexology

These are tuning forks used for Tune Up

Reiki is 50 min. session “Rei“is spirituality by nature and “Ki“is energy.  Usui Reiki is derived from Japan brought to USA as a  nonreligious technique laying of hands above or 

hands on for stress reduction and activates the healing process. Helps the chakra energy to flow evenly to aiding to help heal a guest. Reiki great for anyone even Cancer or survivors to help detox the body especially from negativity. Some sessions to choose from as followed: 


  • Reiki is amazing healing activation session 50 mins.
  • Reiki Bliss is a Reiki and Swedish massage  combination session 80 mins session.
  • Reiki Root Chakra Massage is combination of Reiki and Deep Tissue 80 session.
  • Crystal Reiki Tune Up is a 80 min. Reiki with tuning forks using sound therapy and crystal therapy for amazing relaxing session. For Tuning no one with a pacemaker or stints.
  • Tune Up add on- is 20 min session with 2 tuning forks to help relax your muscles and help your sinuses esp. Tuning fork are similar to tens unit but only sound therapy is used. The sound resonates throughout the entire body bringing peace and great for mediation.   This can also be an add on.  
  • Pet Reiki - 25 min session for mild manner dogs and cats.  This service is performed at a clients house. Animals benefit from energy work they become relaxed some even sleep during their session. Helps anxiety, depression, aiding to help eating problems etc. For health issues esp. Cancer.
  • Reflexology is a 15 min. add on for enhancing your session for your feet. Pressure points that connect with each organ of the body to help relax those areas of the body. Great for everyone especially guest who stand all day and plantar fasciiatis etc.

Client Favorites

Favorite Massage combos

The products all natural range from 100 mgs to 750 mgs.

The Dragon Fly #2.- 80 min. Deep Tissue/ Myofascial Release Massage. Add Bamboo for a perfect combo.

CBD Oil Infused Massage 50 min. for pain management and inflammation great for stress and anxiety and endless benefits try today!

Indigo massage #1.- 50 min. Perfect Swedish massage just for sleep. Add Om time 10 mins

Reiki Root Chakra # 3.Deep Tissue/Reiki session.  Perfect combo and Tune Up is a great add on.

Tune Up and Cold Stone Sinus and headache release.  These are the perfect combo for esp. If you have a sinus problems and can’t breathe. Or if you have a cold coming on. 

Announce coming events

11:11 massage so happy so many people stop by the site please call if have any questions. 

We can offer Reiki for children for younger ages call Miriam up for interview  see if your child would be acceptable. She could do house visit esp if the child feels more comfortable in their environment.

She has advisor for any med patients for CBD who have a card want more advice etc maybe classes soon to explain what’s going on and get more information for you or even for children. CBD oil can help everyone.

Soon Reiki for special needs and Autistic children. Call me for any questions or know anyone or program that needs us for schools or in home sessions. Help the child and parent cope with daily routines.

NEW PHONE Number 609-418-4368

Please leave a review

This image is me backstage with Shannon Larkin from Godsmack

You can leave a review on Yelp that be very appreciated or google. I have Facebook and Instagram as well can check out or leave any reviews as well.


Gift Cards are available

$49.00 first time client 50 min swedish massage.

$65.00 first time client 50mins Deep Tissue

$80.00 Deep Tissue Myofascial Release with free Bamboo Add on. 80 min service!

$89.00 CBD oil infused massage with range of different mgs 100-750 mgs depending on issue.

soon Couples massages $160.00 per couple so it’s $80.00 a person call ask for availability.

10% off all Regular Priced Massages and Reiki Sessions

Big News

CBD Oil infused massages! 

Handmade Jewely for sale.

Tune ups with some new tuning forks

 New essential oils

Questions or suggestions

 Ask Miriam any questions

  • If you want to bring your own essential oils or massage cream especially if your allergic to Biotone cream please bring it to your session. 

Add Ons

Heated Bamboo

Add bamboo for your deep tissue massage. Its the deepest deep tissue that you ever had to feel at bliss and relieved from a long stressful day or before a sporting event.  The bamboo is smooth and can be heated. It glides across the skin and gets all the kinks and knots out of the muscles! A drooling  experience!  No extra time just incorporated into the massage.

Cold Stone Sinus and Headache Release

Cold balsa stones with aromatherapy to ease your sinus, headaches and migraines for 20 min session

Om Time

Have you always wanted to just take a nap after a massage for 10 mins well this add on is the best for you! Arrive to your apt on time to add this enhancement.

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Dr. Stefanou Chiropractic Center is in same building.

We are located across the street from Trainos and Dunkin Donuts. Apt only but do take walk ins if available currently. Credit card by phone. Cancellations 12 hrs. if no notice or no show your credit card will be charged half the price of the session. Rebooks get 10,00 off their next session. Refferals and the person gives your name you and refferal get 10.00 off their next session. 


111 Church Road, Marlton, New Jersey 08053, United States

(609) 418-4368

Call for hours 609-418-4368